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Become a Provider and earn something extra with your sporting skills.

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Make money doing what you love to do

Have you always had the idea of passing on your knowledge or skills in sports and earning money at the same time? Instead of creating a complex and expensive platform yourself, we offer you the opportunity to promote your business quickly and easily.

Create an exciting and fair offer and upload suitable pictures. Let your future customers know what you offer them. Your offer will be categorized and easy to find in our search function.

You are your own boss

You decide when, where, how and at what price (learn more about the Trainpub fees) you place your offer on this marketplace. Thanks to a growing community, you can market yourself here easily and free of charge and at the same time make guests happy with your expertise. The future is yours!

Discover our three categories

Move the Community – Learn more about the SportPub

Let us know what you know – Learn more about the WebinarPub

Coach the Community – Learn more about the CoachPub


Type sports lessons, courses, guidings, activities, etc….

Category Sport Type

Contact Physical

Participants Public group

Number of participants 1 to 50*

Booking confirmation required? Yes (within 24 hours)

Duration Maximum 24 hours**

Contact Provider Possible via “Send request”


Type Videoconference directly on

Category Theme

Contact Online

Participants Public group

Number of participants 1 to 49*

Booking confirmation required? No

Duration Maximum 3 hours

Contact Provider Not possible


Type Personal Coaching

Category Sport Type and Theme

Contact Physical and/or Online

Participants Privat 1:1

Number of participants 1

Booking confirmation required? Yes (within 24 hours)

Duration You define the duration***

Contact Provider Possible via “Send request”

* The minimum number of participants is always one person. You determine the maximum number of participants (1 to 50 resp. 49).

** Start and end time can only be set on the same day. If you want to create a cross-day offer, then CoachPub might be a better choice.

*** When creating a CoachPub offer, you define the duration yourself in a text field. For example, you can enter “3 weeks” or “2 months”. Another option is to specify a number of sessions “10 x 1 hour”, for example. Think about what suits your offer and describe the duration also in the offer description.

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At Trainpub independent providers share their skills, knowledge and experiences with guests. Trainpub provides the connection. The offer can be created by the provider specifically, individually and easily in a few steps. The providers themselves are responsible for the implementation of the offer (e.g. reserve space and room). Guests can browse offers and book the one that suits them. The offers are assigned to three different pubs. The SportPub, the WebinarPub and the CoachPub.

1. Register on our marketplace. You can do this by clicking the menu button in the upper right corner.

2. As soon as you are registered, you can log in.

3. Next you have to verify your email address. To do this, you will receive an email with a link that will take you directly to your Account Settings. Now your email should be verified (green).

4. In order to be able to sell offers, you have to enter your payout details. You can see them in your profile under Account Settings ▸ Payout details. Choose your country and enter the IBAN number of the bank account you want your earnings to be transferred to.

5. The next step is to verify your Stripe account. All payment transactions go through Stripe. You can also find this under Account Settings ▸ Payout details.

6. In your profile settings you can enter information about yourself and your skills.

7. You are now ready to start. Create your first offers!

If you have been involved with a certain sport or a topic in the sports sector over the last few years and would like to pass on this knowledge and these skills, then you can register as a provider. Providers can be private persons with high knowledge and skills but also companies that already offer a service in the sports area. More about this topic.

The marketplace Trainpub enables you to offer your skills and knowledge in a targeted, independent and self-defined way and to earn money with it. The offers can be sport specific but also topic specific. To ensure a simple overview on the marketplace, there are three different areas in which offers are listed (also called pubs). The SportPub, the WebinarPub and the CoachPub.


• In the SportPub you can offer a sport activity. Here you can offer lessons, guiding’s but also experiences from different sports. Pass on your skills to people interested in sports.

• The WebinarPub is about topics that move the sports world. If you have an exciting topic and want to report about it, you are exactly right in the WebinarPub. Here the offers are carried out online via a video conference. All you need is an internet connection, a camera and a good quality presentation to share your knowledge.

• In the CoachPub you can offer a package and coach guests over a longer period of time. Help them to reach their goals.

In a Sport Pub offer you describe if you offer the sport activity with equipment or without. This is up to you. With WebinarPub you only need an internet connection. Trainpub establishes the connection between the provider and the guests via TWILIO.

If you want to act as a provider, it is required that you are intensively involved in this sport and topic. You must be one of the best in these areas. Then the guests will also be enthusiastic, rate you well and your future offers will be booked again quickly.

To ensure the quality of our offers, we reserve the right to have an offer improved or even deleted in case of poor quality.

Your offer will be listed in the corresponding category. Trainpub does targeted advertising in Switzerland so that the offers are booked. What offers you an advantage is of course advertising on your own behalf: Post your offer on your social media channels to draw attention to it. Also worthwhile is the use of good visuals to make your offer vivid. Make mouth-of-mouth propaganda to spread the marketplace and your offer.


Once you have registered and logged in, select the person icon on the top right to access your profile. All information about you is stored there. All information can be changed at any time.

Yes, the profile and registration process is the same for providers and guests.

No. The profile is only visible when you have published an offer.

No. These details are only stored in your profile and are only visible to Trainpub AG.

Yes! In your profile under My bookings ▸ For Provider all requests and bookings are listed. Here you can get in contact with the guest and exchange information. However, guests are only visible in “My bookings” when you have received a request or a booking.

For security reasons a user cannot delete his/her account on by himself/herself. Please contact us if you wish to do so.

In your profile under Account Settings ▸ Password you can change and reset all login data of your account.

Only if you want to. After submitting your verification, it will be checked and you will receive a green check mark in your profile and behind your name in your offers. Did you not receive a green check several days after submitting? Contact us.

Finances and insurance

Creating a Trainpub profile and an offer is free of charge. Costs arise for you only if you successfully sell an offer. This is in the form of a commission on the transaction. That means, we automatically deduct a commission of 12% from your sales. If you sell an offer for CHF 100, you will receive CHF 88.

The Trainpub commission covers all fees. Included are the fees for the credit cards of 2-4%. Consider the additional costs (e.g., ski rental, train ticket, catering) for your offer and calculate these costs into the price.

Among many other benefits, you can generate an interesting income as a provider through this platform. The income varies greatly depending on the offer. You have the possibility to build up a small side income of CHF 1’000 per year, or to earn over CHF 15’000 per year with several offers.

You define the price yourself. For SportPub, the price is per person. In the WebinarPub, the guest also pays the price defined by you. In the CoachPub, too, the guest pays the price you set when booking. You can adjust the prices at any time.

Compare your offer with offers of other providers. This will give you a tendency. If the demand is too low, lower the price a little. If your demand is very high, increase the price slightly. Calculate also the effort and the costs you have to carry out and organize the webinar. A webinar that lasts one hour will probably cost less than a 3-month coaching. If you are unsure about this topic, please contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

As provider you enter the price per person. For example, if you choose CHF 100 per person, 5 people will cost CHF 500.

We take care of the complete payment process. The guest deposits his credit card details when booking the offer on Trainpub. Payment is currently only possible by credit card. With the final booking the amount will be charged to the guest. As a provider you give us your bank details once.

Important! As a provider you give us your bank details once. 

Select Payout details. Select your country and enter your IBAN number. Additionally you have to verify your account with Stripe.

About 7 days after the execution, the amount, minus the Trainpub fees, will be transferred to your account.

When a booking is made, Trainpub charges a service fee to the provider and the guest. This fee helps us to survive as a company and to continue to connect you as a provider with guests. The fees are mainly invested in the following areas:

• Community Support: Your concerns are our concerns. We want to support you when needed. We offer the same service to guests.

• Marketing: We know how important it is for you as a provider to get enough bookings. With high investments in guest marketing, we support you in achieving your goals. Among other things, we maintain our social media channels, produce content for our news or book advertising space.

• Product development: To keep our platform running smoothly, we have developers, designers and product managers working in the background. We continue to develop the website, add new features and fix problems. The usability of the website is crucial to the success of our platform and your offer.

Trainpub works with the payment provider Stripe. For security reasons, Stripe has to verify your identity for payment transactions. Every provider has to go through the identification process once. Here you can enter your payout details.

No. Insurance is the responsibility of the marketplace users. Check if you have a comprehensive insurance coverage.


When an offer is made in the SportPub, the guest has the possibility to send a booking request when a suitable date is available. You will then receive an e-mail with all the relevant information. By clicking on the link in the e-mail, you will be redirected to the Trainpub page. There you have the possibility to accept or decline the booking request. Also, a guest can request your offer if there is no appointment available. You will receive a message from the guest and can contact him.

In the WebinarPub the mechanics are a little different than in the other two pubs. Here the offers are directly bookable. Once a guest has chosen and booked your webinar, it will take place. You only have the option to cancel your webinar early. To avoid a lot of messages, it is not possible to contact the participants during the webinar.

When you make an offer in the CoachPub, the guest has the possibility to send a booking request for a suitable coaching. You will then receive an e-mail with all the relevant information. By clicking on the link in the e-mail, you will be redirected to the Trainpub page. There you have the possibility to accept or decline the booking request. Also, the guest can send you a request to get in contact with you in case of any uncertainties or open questions.

In your profile under My listings you can deactivate your offers. They will then no longer appear on the marketplace. You also have the possibility to activate them again.

Under My bookings ▸ For Provider you will find all future and past bookings. For each booking a call history is opened. In addition, you can view the necessary information there and get the link to the video conference in the WebinarPub.

• If the guest cancels 3 days or more before the appointment, you will not receive any revenue. If the guest cancels 3 to 1 day before the appointment, you will receive 30% of the offer price. If the guest cancels at short notice (less than 24 hours), you will receive 100 percent of the offer price minus the Trainpub fee.


• As a provider you have the possibility to cancel the offer up to 3 hours before the appointment. Please inform the guest about the cancellation in time and find a new date.

Try to inform the guest as soon as possible and let him know about your absence. Cancel the offer as early as possible so that the guest receives an automatic email about the cancellation.

This possibility exists and we know that. We try to offer you the best possible payment processing, cancellation terms and reviews should encourage you to continue offering this on Trainpub anyway.


At Trainpub provider and guest rate each other. A fair and honest feedback is important.

You have the possibility to rate the guests as well. The submission of a rating is voluntary and does not happen automatically. As soon as the offer has been successfully carried out, you will receive an e-mail a few days after the appointment with which you will be forwarded directly to the evaluation page. Then describe in a few words his/her offer and rate it with 1 to 5 stars.

Create an offer

In the header you will find the “Create offer” button (SportPub, WebinarPub, CoachPub). You will be guided step by step through the offer creation process. This will take about 5 minutes. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and self-explanatory. Besides, your offer will not go online until you click “publish” at the end. So, you can tinker and fiddle. Your data will be saved on every page (as long as you click on “continue” at the end of the page). So you can continue editing at a later time. You can find your offers under My Listings.

The creation of the offer is free of charge. You can deactivate or activate your offer at any time.

Do you need support in creating your offer? We are happy to help. You can find more help, tips and ideas under this link.

Yes, you can edit your offer at any time under My Listings. We even ask you to keep your offer always up to date. You can also adjust and add dates afterwards.
The quality and accuracy of the offers are very important to us.

That is up to you. We recommend to start with one or two offers and grow slowly. Try your hand in the three pubs and find out which offers the guests ask for and would like to book with you.

We leave that up to you. However, we have provided you with a guide under this link, which will help you to make your offer more interesting.

Here you are free. Remember that the booking mechanisms in the three pubs are slightly different. In SportPub only one person can book, but for several places. In the WebinarPub various guests can participate in your video conference and in the CoachPub the guest can book your coaching only for him/herself.

Manage offer

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. But these points will help you:

• Make your offer interesting and maintain it

• Keep your offer and availability calendar up to date

• Quick and friendly response to booking requests or messages

• Interesting offer profile with simple and understandable description

• Good quality and meaningful pictures

• Plan your offer, carry it out excitingly and convey know-how and experiences

• Promote your offer and share the link to your Trainpub offer on your own social media channels, or if available, on your own website.

For security reasons you cannot delete your offers. However, you can deactivate them under My listings. This way they will no longer appear on the marketplace.

No, basically the pictures used by Trainpub are only allowed on the website and social media channels of Trainpub. For any other use, please contact us.

has a high quality standard for the providers. We control our users and can therefore assess whether it is a fake account or not. In addition, every offer can be reported to us.

Yes. You can always view and edit your activated and deactivated offers under My listings.

Try to make your offer exciting, tell others or actively advertise your offer on your social media channels. If you have any questions or tips, the Trainpub team will be happy to help you.