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Voucher conditions

1. Scope of application


These terms and conditions for the purchase of a voucher via the online platform (“Terms and Conditions”) regulate the rights and obligations of the contracting parties when purchasing a voucher via the online platform (“Trainpub”).


The “General Terms and Conditions Trainpub AG” (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions-GTC”) are an integral part of the present conditions. Should the present terms and conditions contradict the GTC, these terms and conditions shall prevail.


The offer of vouchers by Trainpub is exclusively based on the present terms and conditions. Any terms and conditions of users are not applicable. This is also valid if Trainpub has not explicitly contradicted the terms and conditions of users.


2. The voucher


The voucher is in the form of a voucher code that you can enter at checkout to pay for your booking on Trainpub. It entitles you to pay the offer price agreed with the provider as well as the Trainpub fee.


When redeeming a voucher code, the entire value of the voucher will be deducted from the offer. If the price of the offer is lower than the amount you have available on the voucher, the whole value of the voucher will be used up. Therefore, there are no remaining credits that can be redeemed for another offer. However, you can also use the voucher if the price of the selected offer is higher than the amount of the voucher; in this case, you will settle the outstanding difference via the usual means of payment.


Vouchers are not cumulative


A cash payment of the voucher is excluded.


If an offer is booked using a voucher code and the remaining value is 0, a minimum price of CHF 1 will be charged. Since we work together with the payment provider Stripe Connect in the payment processing, each booking via the platform requires a minimum amount of CHF 1.-.


Offers that are booked with a voucher code cannot be cancelled by the buyer. If you can no longer participate in the booked offer for various reasons, seek direct contact with the provider or with the Trainpub team.


3. The purchase


The voucher will be sent in electronic form to the given e-mail address. The buyer is responsible for the correctness.


You can purchase the voucher directly through the Trainpub website. For the handling of the payment process we use the services of Stripe Connect as usual. Reference is made to the provisions of the GTC.


The contract is concluded with the order confirmation by Trainpub (“conclusion of the contract”).


4. The redemption


The voucher can be redeemed on Trainpub at any time during its validity period.


Cash payment is not possible.


Everybody who has knowledge of the voucher code has the possibility to redeem it. The voucher is not personal and it is not necessary to present the voucher when redeeming it, it is sufficient to enter the voucher code in the designated form field on the Trainpub website.


Trainpub shall not be liable for unlawful redemption of a voucher without prior notification of loss (see below). Trainpub is not obliged to clarify whether the person entering the voucher code is the rightful owner of the voucher code.


If an offer is booked with a voucher code, the offering party receives two transactions. One by the Guest, and the second by Trainpub. The total amount of revenue is identical for the provider in case of booking with or without voucher.


5. Due diligence


Keep the voucher or the voucher code safe and protect it from unauthorized access. Trainpub disclaims any liability for lost vouchers or voucher codes.


Forwarding the voucher or the voucher code is at your own risk. Trainpub is not liable for lost vouchers or voucher codes or their improper use.


Contact Trainpub immediately if you do not receive an order confirmation or a voucher by mail within five minutes after purchasing the voucher.


6. Loss/misuse of the voucher


In case of loss of the voucher or the voucher code, no replacement is possible. You are solely responsible for the loss.


The Trainpub team will try to find a good solution together with you, but without being obliged or guaranteeing a solution. However, your cooperation is necessary (see 6.3 below). If you do not comply with point 6.3, a solution is excluded from the outset and you are fully responsible for the loss of the voucher.


In case of loss, suspected loss, theft or risk of misuse of a voucher, you as a buyer are therefore obliged to inform Trainpub immediately (email to Please identify yourself (send scan ID or the like) so that we can make sure we are dealing with the right buyer. Please understand that the person you gave the gift certificate to cannot claim any rights under this clause 6. For legal reasons, we can only seek resolution with you as the buyer.


7. Validity


The voucher expires 10 years after the conclusion of the contract (Art. 127 CO).


8. Right of revocation


There is no right of revocation.


9. Professional or commercial resale


A commercial resale of vouchers or voucher codes is prohibited, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


10. No acquisition in good faith


Vouchers are only redeemable if they are purchased directly from Trainpub. If vouchers are purchased from third parties, the buyer bears the risk of non-redeemability. Trainpub is not liable in any case for the value of vouchers obtained from sources other than the Trainpub website. A bona fide acquisition of the voucher outside the Trainpub website is excluded.


11. Validity of the GTC


In all other respects the GTC of July 2022 as well as the privacy policy are valid. Both documents are available on the Trainpub website at any time.

Status: December 2022 – Trainpub AG